ACCU-CHEK Active – 50 Test Strips



Accu-Chek Active test strips

Accu-Chek Active test strips are designed for easy handling and allow for dosing outside of the meter.

  • Small sample size. Accu-Chek Active test strips only require a very small blood sample to perform a blood glucose test – just 1-2µl of blood.
  • Capillary action. Simple capillary action draws blood into the strip for fast, reliable blood glucose testing.
  • Out-of-meter dosing. Blood can be applied to the test strip outside of the meter allowing for greater flexibility and is particularly useful for people who have dexterity issues.

Accu-Chek Active test strips cannot be purchased, however, they may be available on prescription. Please contact your healthcare professional.

Technical specifications

Display: 96 segments LCD display with symbols
Auto power off: 30 or 90 seconds according to operating status
Battery life: Approximately 1000 tests or one year
Battery: 1 battery, type CR 2032
Sample size: 1 – 2 µL
Underdosing detection: Yes
Measuring principle: Photometric end-point
Measuring range: 0.6 mmol/L – 33.3 mmol/L
Measuring time:
  • Approximately 5 sec (blood application with test strip within the meter)
  • Approximately 8 sec (blood application with test strip outside the meter)
Measuring conditions:
  • Temperature: +8°C to +42°C (+46°F to +107°F)
  • Humidity: up to 85% relative humidity
Storage conditions: Without battery: -25°C to +70°C (-13°F to +158°F)
  • Measurement: 85% relative humidity
  • Storage: 93% relative humidity
Memory capacity: Up to 500 measurements with date and time
Test averages: 7, 14, 30, 90 days
Altitude independence: 0 – 4000m (0 – 13123 feet)
Dimensions: 97.8 x 46.8 x 19.1mm
  • 46g without battery
  • 50g with battery
Data transfer: Via USB interface (with Micro-USB cable)


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