Beurer Infrared Lamps for Pain Relief IL-30



The Beurer IL30 Infrared Heat Lamp provides effective pain relief – drug-free!

We are all susceptible to colds, flu and tiresome aches and pains; but sometimes medication doesn’t suffice and we need that little bit extra to initiate the healing process. When we’re feeling a little under the weather, it is more often than not – the little amount of infrared heat around us that causes us to feel unwell. The Beurer IL30 Infrared Lamp is the marvel of heat lamps; promoting healthy blood circulation to naturally speed up your recovery.


Why the Beurer IL30 Infrared Lamp is perfect for you

Beurer IL30

Beurer are the celebrated health and wellbeing brand of the century, delivering products that are designed with phenomenal German technology; providing you with devices that are successful in creating all round healthier you.

The IL30 Infrared lamp has a 150W bulb that distributes penetrative infrared heat to increase blood flow in areas that are sore. It is a tremendous, drug-free device to allow you to feel more relaxed in your own home.

The four different adjustable angles let you adjust the devices, directing infrared heat to the injured area with ease.

The IL30 infrared lamp is designed with supreme glass and a non-slip base, so it can radiate infrared heat safely. The lamp also has an automatic timer starting from 2 – 12 minutes increments, after the selected treatment period the lamp will automatically turn off.


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