Digital Thermostat Temperature controller W1219, Double Display, XH-W1219 , DC 12V + Waterproof NTC Sensor, 50~100.



  • Supply Voltage: 12V
  • Model Number: XH-W1219
  • Operating Temperature: -500-110
  • Type: Voltage Regulator
  • Condition: New
  • 3-digit displays of current temperature and trigger temperature
  • Module can operate in a heating or cooling mode of operation
  • Multiple parameters can be set such as temp trip point, hysteresis and delay.
  • Waterproof NTC temperature sensor has -30 to +110°C measurement range with stated 0.1°C accuracy
  • Relay switches up to 120VAC @ 10A or 14VDC @ 10A
  • 12V module operation

This module measures and displays the temperature and allows you to control power to most types of electrical equipment based on that temperature. A single output relay can be turned ON or turned OFF as temperature rises or lowers past a thermal threshold that you set. You can also set a temperature hysteresis, relay activation delay and thermal limits for the modules operation.

The XH-W1219 module is basically the same as the popular W-1209 module except it has a 2nd display added to always show the current trigger point along with the current temperature. When programming the parameters in the module, the dual displays make it a little easier see what you are doing since the top display shows the parameter selected while the bottom display shows the value you are setting. This module is slightly larger than the W-1209 and so will not fit in the acrylic case designed for that module.

A built in STM8S uC allows you to configure the module using the display and 3 pushbuttons. All settings are saved into non-volatile memory and are preserved during a power cycle.

The temperature is sensed by a high accuracy waterproof NTC 10K Thermistor that has a range of -30°C to 110°C (-22°F to 230°F) . The sensor cable is about 18″ long, but it is possible to splice wire to lengthen the cable if needed.

The relay is rated for up to 120VAC @ 10A and 14VDC @ 10A. When the relay is energized an LED is lit. It is also possible to use the relay on this module to switch higher power relays if you want to control a lot of power


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