ELITE yuwell- YE660B Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor




  • Technical parameters Large-scale LCD with date and time display.
  • Automatical stored, 74 groups of memory.
  • Average value display of 3 times measurement.
  • Two dispaly modes: mmHg and kPa.
  • Power off in 2 minutes without operation.

Displaying: LCD digital display

Measuring method: Oscillating mensuration

Measuring range:

Pressure measurement range:0~280mmHg (0-37.3kPa)

Pulse: 40~200 minute


Pressure: within ±3mmHg (±0.4kPa)

Pulse: within ±5% of reading value

Working system: Intermittent operation

Electric classification: Class II, type BF application part

Pressure sensor: Semiconductor pressure sensor

Pressurization: Automatic pressurize

Depressurization: Automatic air releasing

Power: 4 AA batteries, 6V 600mA DC power

Weight: 252g

Suitable upper-arm circumference: 22~45cm

Dimension: Approximately L120.5mm×W100mm×H69.3mm


Operation and storage conditions

Working temperature: +5℃~+40℃
Relative humidity: 15%~80%RH
Working atmosphere pressure: 80kPa~105kPa
Transport and storage temperature: -20℃~ +55℃
Transport and storage relative humidity:15%~80%,
no condensation
Transportation and storage atmosphere pressure:
80kPa ~ 105kPa
Operation environment
Avoid electromagnetic interference, violent shock and noise

Radio frequency interference

There is the potentia risk of radio frequency interference

between the device and other devices. If there is, please find

out the problems and take the following measures:

(1) Turn off the device, and turn on again,

(2) Change the direction of the device,

(3) Keep the product away from the interferential devices.


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