Microlife Ear IR150 Infrared Thermometer with “Clean me” Technology



1. How does the Microlife ear thermometer work?

The Microlife ear thermometer measures infrared power radiated from the eardrum and the encircling tissue. This power is collected by the lens and transformed to the right temperature worth.

2. Why could I get totally different readings when taking many measurements?

  • Wait not less than 30 seconds after Three-5 steady measurements.
  • All the time take the temperature in the identical ear, for the reason that temperature readings could also be totally different from ear to ear.
  • Straighten the ear canal by pulling gently on the outer ear:
  • For youngsters underneath one yr: pull the ear straight again.
  • Kids ages one yr to grown up: pull the ear up and again.


Three. Is it secure to totally insert the probe within the ear of youngsters and infants?

Sure, the probe is just too brief to achieve the eardrum. The ear canal of infants and babies is smaller than the probe of the thermometer so it can’t attain the delicate components of the ear. Pull the ear as defined within the instruction guide and gently insert the probe into the ear. Whenever you really feel resistance from the ear, do not push any additional and keep the place.

four. Can the Microlife infrared ear thermometer hurt you in any method?

No, Microlife ear thermometers don’t send out any waves or warmth at any time. It solely acts as a receiver of warmth. If the ear is infected or an ear an infection is current, it’s endorsed the measurement be taken within the different ear or an ordinary digital thermometer must be used orally, underarm or rectally as acceptable.

5. How does the studying from a Microlife ear thermometer evaluate to an oral, rectal or axillary studying?

Microlife’s ear thermometer measurements are akin to an oral temperature from a high-quality thermometer.

  • Rectal measurements are barely larger than oral measurements.
  • An underarm measurement is most impacted by room temperature, so accuracy is tougher to confirm. Underarm measurements are decrease than oral measurements.

6. Which ear ought to I exploit to measure body temperature?

Usually, there aren’t any vital variations in ear temperatures. We beneficial you apply measuring temperature when properly, decide regular temperatures for you and your loved ones, and use the ear that that provides you the next studying.

Microlife Ear Thermometer

7. Why do I get totally different results from left to right ear?

Temperature can fluctuate barely from left to proper ear due to the quantities of dust or earwax current or as a result of particular person variations. Please notice the place of the probe tip throughout measurement can have an affect on the results. It is extremely necessary to straighten the ear canal and insert the probe tip comfortably and fully within the ear canal to make sure accuracy.

8. Is the Microlife ear thermometer appropriate for untimely infants in addition to for the elderly?

Yes, the Microlife ear thermometer is designed to take the body temperature of adults and children of all ages; together with untimely infants. Warning: high fever in infants and younger kids should be immediately reported to your doctor!

9. When and how usually ought to I clean or disinfect a Microlife ear thermometer?

It’s important that the probe is cleaned after each measurement. Use an alcohol swab or cotton tissue moistened with alcohol (70 % Isopropyl) to wash the thermometer casing and the measuring sensor. Be sure that no liquid enters the inside of the system. By no means use abrasive cleaning agents, thinners or benzene for cleansing and by no means immerse the system in water or different cleansing liquids. Take care to not scratch the floor of the sensor lens and the show.

10. Does earwax affect the results?

Accumulation of ear wax on the probe can result in much less correct temperature readings or cross infection between customers. Due to this fact, it’s important that the probe is cleaned after each measurement.

11. Can I measure temperature when my baby has an ear an infection?

Usually, ear infections trigger appreciable ache. Pulling on the outer ear would create additional discomfort. It is strongly recommended a measurement be carried out within the unaffected ear or at a different physique website with the suitable system.



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