PHILIPS Air Purifier (AC2887)



Always Aera Sense is an innovative technology with the accuracy and performance of a professional sensor making the invisible visible Aera Sense. It senses harmful particles smaller than even PM2.5, ensures cleaner air output adjustment by the purifier and provides feedback in real-time.

  • Designed to improve user experience Low noise at Sleep Mode (20.5dba) –soft as a whisper
  • Smart light control: adjust the light to suit your preference
  • High performance from start to finish
  • Aera Sense detects, measures and controls purification
  • VitaShield naturally purifies UFP as small as 0.02microns
  • 3 smart presetting for different airborne pollutants
  • 3 smart presetting for different airborne pollutants
  • 3 smart pre-settings for different airborne pollutants
  • Aerodynamic architecture boosts efficient airflow Aerodynamic
  • The reassurance of consistent clean air delivery
  • Real-time indoor PM2.5 numerical feedback
  • Designed to improve user experience


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