SCIAN LD-520 Automatic Upper Arm Blood Presure Monitor



Scian Digital Blood Pressure Monitor LD-520

Using a home blood pressure monitor can help you to learn more about your blood pressure. It is a device used to measure blood pressure, composed of an inflatable cuff to restrict blood flow, and a mercury or mechanical manometer to measure the pressure. It is always used in conjunction with a means to determine at what pressure blood flow is just starting, and at what pressure it is unimpeded.

1. Type: upper arm
2. blood pressure range: 0-300mmHg
3. Pulse range: 40-160 beats / min
4. Blood Pressure Accuracy: ± 3mmHg (0.4Kpa)
5. Heart Rate Accuracy: ± 5% of reading
6. cuff tightness: less than 4mmHg / min
7. Quick gave up time: less than 10 seedlings (from 260mmHg down to 15mmHg or less)
8. Power: 4 AA batteries
9. using the temperature and humidity: Temperature + 10 ℃ – + 40 ℃ Humidity 85% and below
10. Storage temperature and humidity: Temperature -20 ℃ – + 50 ℃ humidity of 85% and below
11. Host Size: 110 (L) * 8 (W) * 52 (H) mm


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