Anti Snore Nose Clip – Transparent



Goodbye to Sleepless Nights-Promotes better sleep by using magnets to pressure the septum and open the passage of the air to allow proper oxygen flow as you sleep. Comfort Fit and Non-Intrusive-Fits comfortably in your nostrils. Best Snore Clip-No annoying adhesives. No irritation of the skin.  BPA free. Helps Eliminate Dry Mouth-Helps breathe better through your nose so that while you’re sleeping you won’t “breathe the mouth.”

Recommended Uses: Makes a great stuffer and gift for your spouse, roommate, partner who needs an easier sleep benefit. This small snore stopper can effectively eliminate or relieve snoring. It can be removed easily.  Made of silicone. Safe and long lasting. Easy to carry, lightweight and portable.


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