Kemei KM-2078 Shaver

Kemei KM-2078 Shaver

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Product details of Kemei KM-2078 Shaver

  • ON/Off switch with integrated lock
  • Curved, hypoallergenic and stainless steel blade
  • Rotary blade system for effective trimming our over grown nose and ear hair
  • Smooth, motor provides quick and painless movement
  • Drive:Linear motor drive
  • Motor Speed:10,000 RPM
  • Use days (use for about three minutes during a day once):14
  • Powered by: 2 AA battery (not included)
  • Low power consumption
  • Color: Pink
  • Rechargeable
  • Model Number Km-2078
  • Type: Shaver
  • Use forWomen
  • Kemei KM-2078 Shaver

Direct plug in the power to use; good rechargeable electric portable, always on a business trip tourism of girls convenient. 0.25 millimeters for the uprooting of the hair the power of a very high price!

Epilator wheeled folder to make your skin clean aestivation

Shaving is just the surface of the skin to move body hair in general can be maintained 3-4 days in order to have a relatively long-lasting effects have to use the epilator. hair removal is a folder wheeled electric devices, will follicles together with the removal of hairs, the effect is generally to maintain the 3-4 weeks, but there is very slight pain. Unhairing pain, there are two reasons: one is when the hair pulling on the roots of the natural pain; another skin and hair are pulled together when the pores of skin to stimulate the surrounding uplift caused by pain. But the feeling is very comfortable in the micro-pain.

Two respectively the speed of selection, can adjust the fit of sparse and dense hair removal rate, can be an extremely short period of removal of hair, can be as short as 0.25 millimeters of hair root extraction, the effect lasting thorough, smooth skin can be maintained as long as three weeks.


1. Using epilator head and skin to make right angles and the direction of hair growth againsting advance.

2. Unhairing ago, with massage bath massage brush arm and legs, so that hairs erect. Hot water bath 15 minutes after the start unhairing. At this point the skin soft, pores diastolic, pain will be minimized.

3. Unhairing future will pay attention to some of the emulsionto clear the skin.

Product features:

electric epilator to the unhairing Segment wheel folder will be uprooted hair, that is, put some hair follicles are removed, so the effect of lasting hair removal, generally keep up to four weeks of smooth skin;

put the use of electric hair epilator uprooted after some time, re-growth of hair out will only become more fine, or even no growth.

the process of using electric epilator is that there is a feeling of discomfort, such as pulling the same eyebrows. However, with the increase in the frequency of use, adapted to the rally when unhairing after this point will gradually reduce the feeling.

extraction can be very short hair, can be as short as 2 mm of hair root extraction, the effect lasting thorough, smooth skin can be maintained as long as four weeks.

Not only can recharge after use, also can directly plug the power use

all the pictures are shoot from the real item,they are exactly the same

as the picture shown.

Kemei KM-2078 Shaver

Specifications of Kemei KM-2078 Shaver

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Kemei KM-2078 Shaver


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