XM-18D + Turning Motor 14W + Ultrasonic Humidifier + 2 pcs Limit Switch Full Automatic Egg Incubator Combo Package for 6000 Egg Capacity Incubator Replace XH-M452 W1209



Product details of XM-18D + Turning Motor 14W + Ultrasonic Humidifier + 2 pcs Limit Switch Full Automatic Egg Incubator Combo Package for 6000 Egg Capacity Incubator Replace XH-M452 W1209

  • XM-18D ফুল অটোমেটিক ইনকিউবেটর কন্ট্রোলার দিয়ে তাপমাত্রা, আর্দ্রতা, টার্নিং মটর কন্ট্রোল, অভার টেম্পারেচার এলার্ম + ফ্যান নিয়ন্ত্রণ করতে পারবেন
  • ১৪ ওয়াট ৩ তারের টার্নিং মটর দিয়ে ডিমের ট্রে ঘুরাতে পারবেন
  • আলট্রাসনিক মিস্ট মেকার/ হিউমিডিফায়ার দিয়ে ইনকিউবেটরের ভেতরের আর্দ্রতা বাড়াতে বাড়াতে পারবেন
  • ২টা লিমিট সুইচ দিয়ে টার্নিং মটর / ডিমের ট্রে কতটুকু ঘুরবে তা কন্ট্রোল করতে পরবেন।
  • এই কম্বো প্যাক দিয়ে হাঁস-মুরগী, তিতি-টার্কি, কবুতর-কয়েল পাখির ডিম থেকে বাচ্চা ফোঁটাতে পারবেন
  • কম্বো প্যাকে যা যা পাবেন
  • — ১ টি XM-18 + ১টি ১৪ওয়াট টার্নিং মটর + ১ টি স্টিল বডি মিস্টমেকার + ২ টি লিমিট সুইচ

Digital automatic egg incubator control system computer control incubator Poultry incubator Combo Package XM-18 + Turning Motor 14W + Ultrasonic Humidifier + 2 pcs Limit Switch


Four screen four display Automatic Incubator Controller

The automatic multi-function incubator researched and produced by ourcompany uses the more popular microcomputer-based technology usingthe latest micro-electronics technology and new components),equipingwith the imported digital temperature sensor and France moisture sensitivecapacitance humidity sensor,which makes this instrument miniaturization,intelligent,high measurement accuracy.This incubator is stable andreliable,time-saving,labor-saving,and easy-to-use.It is the idealincubation equipment for propagation of poultry and rare birds and smalland medium-sized hatchery.



01: XM-18D ncubator Controller




1.Digital displaying of temperature,humidity

2.Full automatically temperature controlling

3.Full automatically humidity controlling

4.Full automatically eggs turning

5.Full automatically alarming

6.Full automatically ventilator

7.Back emergency system

Main Technical Index:

1. Temperature display range: 0 ~ 99.9℃

2. Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 0.1℃

3. Humidity display range: 0-99% RH

4. Humidity control accuracy: ± 3% RH

5. Number of signal-output: 7 Road ( over-temperature, temperature control, insufficient temperature, egg-left turning, egg right-turning, humidity control, alarm )

6. The maximum output load current: temperature control, insufficient temperature <= 8A/AC 220V, over-temperature,egg-left turning, egg right-turning, humidity control, alarm<= 1A /AC 220V

7. Number of egg-turning : Maximum record 999 times.

8. Cycle of egg-turning: from 0 to 999 minutes (factory set at 90 minutes)

9. Turn the eggs time: 0 to 999 seconds (factory set at 180 seconds)

10. Ventilation cycle : 0-999 minutes (factory set at 120 minutes)

11. Ventilation time: 0-999 seconds (Factory set at 30 seconds)

12. The measuring line length: About 2 meters

Working conditions:

1. Power Supply : AC 160V ~ 240V, 50Hz ( choose the one you need )

2. Relative humidity: less than 85%

3. Ambient temperature: -10℃~ 60℃



02: 1 pcs 14W (motor + gear)


02: 1 pcs 14W (motor + gear)



03: Ultrasonic Mist Maker Still Body





Search term:

12 LED Colorful Light, Ultrasonic Mist Maker, Fogger Purify, Water Fountain
No heat or chemicals used.
With 12 LED colorful light.
Easy to operate, long service life, self-protective
Ideal for indoor or outdoor fountains, water feature, and office.
Add a stunning mist effect to your pond or water tank to filter the bad smell with electro and ultrasonic technology.
Do not turn over the Mist Maker When the switch is turned on,keep upright,or it may damage the atomizer.
Please ensure that the daily running time is less than 10 hours, otherwise the life of atomizing slice will be shorted.
Don’t touch the atomizing slice while the Mist Maker is working.
Ensure the water at high quality, use clean tap water.(water quality deterioration may influence the lifetime)
Please switch off the power before Movement or maintenance.
The atomizing slice is consumable,and its service life is≥3000 hours.If marked reduction of Mist present, please clean atomizing slice with a cotton swab(don’t need to use any detergent).
If marked reduction of Mist still present after cleaning,please change a new atomizing slice.(Recommend to buy another atomizing transducer slice)
Power: 1A/24V (need to 24V power supply)
Cable length: 136 cm
Round thing height: 2.5cm
Body Material: ABS
Light Source: LED Bulbs
Item Type: Underwater Lights



04: Micro Limit Switch 2 pcs



  • 1, Used in the fields of electronic products, household appliances and more
  • 2, This light touch switch is waterproof, prevent oil, anti-pollution, anti-static interference
  • 3, High precision mechanism design offers acute operation and long service life
  • 4, Compact and light weight, easy to carry and dismantling
  • 5, Good electrical Conductivity
  • Specifications
  • Rated voltage: 3A 380VAC
  • Color: See Pictures
  • Material: metal + ABS
  • Contact Resistance:≤1mΩ
  • Insulation Resistance:≥100MΩ
  • Dielectric intensity:≥1000VAC/1min
  • Life:≥500,000 Cycles
  • Size: 7.6cm(3in) ,Wide: 1.8cm(0.71in),High:4.3cm(1.69in)
  • Quantity: 1 Pc
  • Note:
  • Please allow 1-3mm error due to manual measurement. pls make sure you do not mind before you bid
  • Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Thank you!
  • Package Contents
  • 1 Pc x Micro Switch
Package Include:
1 x XM-18
1 x Mist Maker
1 x 14W Turning Motor
2 x Limit Switch


Specifications of XM-18D + Turning Motor 14W + Ultrasonic Humidifier + 2 pcs Limit Switch Full Automatic Egg Incubator Combo Package for 6000 Egg Capacity Incubator Replace XH-M452 W1209

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    Infinite Store
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What’s in the box

1 x XM-18D + 1x Turning Motor 14W+ 1xMist Maker + 2 x Limit Switch


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